Cherry Blossom?

  1. Has anyone seen any cherry blossom bags anywhere?
  2. Have you tried calling a MJ Boutique?
  3. I think a member found cherry blossom at the LA MJ boutique, call and see if they can do a search for you. Dept store outlets had these last year, although I doubt there are any left.
  4. I think I'll try calling a boutique. Thank you all for responding.
  5. i dont know about this bag. I thought MJ didnt emboss on the leather itself- it was just on the push lock? I dunno.... i could be wrong but i also dont think that this color was available in that style. Bag.lover would be the one to ask about the autheticity of that item...
  6. ^ Although Bag.lover is the ultimate resource for all things MJ, she does not authenticate items.

    If you would like an item authenticated please post it in the --- Authenticate This MJ --- thread.
  7. There are always exceptions to commonly seen details. =) There are bags with MARC JACOBS stamped onto the leather on the front of the bags, there were GUINEVIERE, MINI SLING, SHOULDER, etc.
  8. Cherry Blossom is such a gorgeous color! *SWOON*
  9. ^^And it went for such a great price too!! Super cute!
  10. Wow, I thought it would sell for more than that! I wonder if a PFer got it?