Cherry Blossom - Which is your fav colour?

  1. I had a brand new PINK/PINK Cherry Blossom PTI Wallet when it came out but unfortunatley due uneven stitching throughout the leather vachetta, I brought it back in to LV for re-stitching. The repair didn't only take close to a year to return back to me but LV repair center actually ruined the entire wallet so I demanded a refund.

    Ever since that day I miss it so much and now to get a brand new one on eBay is too much. I have since bought a brown one to replace it but it's not the same.

    I just want to hear your stories of which colour you love most and why.

    I just love the PINK/PINK but since I never had the opportunity to use it the vachetta never turned patina. I was wondering if the contrast of a dark patina and pink or cream/red is too much.
  2. I love the red/creme...I have pieces in all 3 colors but I really LOVE the red/creme. I don't know what it is, it's just so different than anything else I have.
  3. pink for me :smile:
  4. I like the brown/pink...I guess I'm just stuck on classic mono with a twist!
  5. like Rebecca, i love the red/creme too. it's the rarest combination, and the Papillon is the only Cherry Blossom piece that i have
  6. I have the retro in the brown with pink flowers, and the pink on pink papillon. I think they are all gorgeous!
  7. i originally loved the pink/pink, but the red creme is SO unique, its drawing me in!

    they both look INCREDIBLE with a patina!
  8. My favorite Cherry Blossom is the Red & Creme. :tup:
  9. My fave is pink/pink but I wouldn't complain about pink/red either! The contrast of the second one is very cool.
  10. Red/Creme Combo :love:
  11. Red/creme for me! :biggrin:
  12. I'll be the odd (wo)man out... red/cream does nothing for me - even though I'm usually a sucker for the "most limited" something or other.

    My fav is brown/pink... as Girlsgottoshop said, classic with a twist. I don't have anything from the line, although I'd like a small accessory someday!
  13. the Red/Creme!!

    but i have been thinking of putting mine up on the bay but its being stupid and not letting me. not sure why...i have like 100% positive feedback
  15. brown/pink combo.