Cherry Blossom Venetia at TJ Maxx!!!

  1. Yes, you read that right. I went to the TJ Maxx on Casaloma Drive in Appleton, Wisconsin. I was checking out some Coach and Cole Haan bags that were sitting on a display when I noticed a pink bag on the bottom that looked like a Venetia. I picked it up and it was a Venetia! They were asking $459.99 for it! It was in good condition despite being shoved on the rack without much thought. There were only a couple of minor scuffs on the leather that could be taken out with leather cleaner. I don't know anything about Marc Jacobs, but the bag looked totally legit to me. The leather and suede lining were perfect, and the hardware and zippers were substantial. DBF was with me when I picked it up and he said the look on my face was priceless! Probably like this ---->:shocked: DBF even offered to buy it for me, but I declined, because I am not a fan of the cherry blossom color. So, if any tPFers want a cheap MJ Venetia, you know where to go.
  2. goodness! that is a good deal for a venetia!
  3. ArmCandyLuvr,
    You deserve a new handbag (or 10 at least) for doing such a great job losing weight. I wish I had your willpower!
  4. They had one at my TJ Maxx, too. It was perfect - not a scratch on it.
  5. oh wow! Pictures please!

  6. ITA!! :yes:
  7. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments about my weight loss. I may have not gotten the Venetia (if it had been a neutral color instead of cherry blossom, I'd be photgraphing it right now at home!), but I did order a Pomme Inclusion Bracelet GM from Elux! :yahoo:
    I was just so shocked to see such a high end bag at TJ Maxx. Usually, you'd think you've hit jackpot if you find a couple of nice Coaches or Dooneys there.
  8. yeah, i posted that there was one of these at the one in Northbrook/Deerfield, IL as of this weekend. Not sure if it is still tehre though, I didn't give it a totally thorough examination but all looked good from the time I did give it.
  9. Awe
    that is so cool your TJ Maxx has those kinds of bags. The one near me rarely has anything good :sad:
  10. Hi there ! I'm going this summer to Venice and I'd love to know what I can buy such a souvenir. I am going in a school-camp so I can't spend a lot of money on souvenirs , but I'd love to have something to remember me about that town ! Thanks !