Cherry Blossom started this all - Pic of my collection

  1. OMG, I never realized how the purchase of 1 Cherry Blossom PTI wallet purchased in 2003 would do this to me. Unfortunately I no longer have that wallet because it went back to LV for repair and it was ruined in the repair process:mad::mad::censor:.

    Well, this is the damage those cute sweet little Cherry Blossoms did to my pocket. This is what I purchased in 2006 alone, the Croissant Pochette and Billfold wallet was purchased this year. I did sell the Cerises Speedy, Bucket, and a couple of the Epi Pochettes.
    Picture 024.jpg
  2. LOL.. I won't even go there... an MC speedy started it all for me.. and I don't even own that bag anymore!

    You have a great collection!
  3. Great collection! I love all you CB pieces.
  4. Great collection!! Thanks for posting
  5. Very nice collection! I love the cherry blossom pieces! Congrats!
  6. i love the panda pochette! thanks for the pix
  7. All those CB accessories! :nuts::drool: Love them!
  8. wonderful! i love the cherry blossom!
  9. wow, i :heart: your collection!! :smile:
  10. Love your CB collection.
  11. Lovely Monogram.. Cherry blossom's so cute!! Im sorry abt ur wallet..
  12. Love the cherry blossoms. Beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing.
  13. i started with a cherry blossom pappilon, and it went on from there...
  14. Wow, great collection LOVE your CB pieces and the Cerises pochette!
  15. Wow, nice CB collection you have there!