"cherry blossom" silk scarf: Hermes? Chanel - for my bag handle!

  1. I'm looking for a nice silk scarf for the handle of my Chloe Edith bag. It needs to be a Cherry Blossom Theme. I was hoping that Chanel or Hermes would make something like this (since it is the season for the blossoms). I don't live in an area that has high end retail stores - so I was hoping that someone could let me know if they've ever seen such a thing!

    (it's for an anniversary present!)

    Thanks for any and all information!!!:love:
  2. I want a scarf too! I was thinking of getting the new Chanel scarf to tie on to my Speedy. It looks really cute.
  3. ^^That's what I want too! I really would like to find a "blossom" pattern though - if anyone has any ideas!
  4. You can look at the Hermes website. They have a lot of patterns on there that you can browse through. I haven't seen any cherry blossoms, but I have seen peonies, if that helps.
  5. Anyone seen any Chanel or high end silk scarf with blossoms?