Cherry Blossom Retro or Papillon...which do you prefer?


Which of these do you prefer?

  1. CB Papillon

  2. CB Retro

  3. Neither of these CB items

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  1. I like both...and do want both but can only get one later on.

    If I get one, it will be brown/pink, or if I can get my hands on one, definitely the red/cream so it's a little more unique.

    I like the papillon and have always been searching for one, it's a tad less expensive on eBay and easier to find one in decent condition.

    The retro is nice too, I don't have a bag in my collection that looks like it, but it's more pricey and harder to find one in good condition for anything less than $1600.

    Please tell me which one you like, and why (or why not). I heard the retro is a little difficult to use...maybe closing the bag is hard? I don't know. Opinions please! TIA! :flowers:
  2. I don't like the retro at all, jmho, I know plenty of people love them.

    I don't think the retro holds as much as the pap, either....but then again that may not be an issue for you, as I know you don't carry as much as me.

    I love how easy it is to get in and out of the pap.




  3. retro stands out more than pap, also unless the pap is fully stuffed, i don't like how my things swifting around in the body.
  4. tink, what's that pink cc? it's so cute
  5. personally think both are cute but as I have the pap I'm a little bias. the pap does fit a lot. pic of my brown/pink if it helps
  6. Karman, I pick the papillon! I feel that you always have to dress up in order to use the retro. With the pap, you can use it with jeans or you can wear it when you dress up. The shape of the papallion looks cuter too. I got a pink/brown papillon recently & was surprised @ how beautiful the bag is in real life. The gold color hardware is so shiny & it's surprisingly roomy. Even my bf (who doesn't like LV monogram) really likes it too....because of all the craftmanship & details in the papillon. Get the papillon!!! :graucho: :graucho:
  7. I think the shape of the papillon is far nicer than that of the retro.
  8. It's actually a Visa gift card...that's my gift card pile :graucho: .
  9. I like the papillon more, but the retro is cute too
  10. I like the retro.
  11. I had both the retro and pap and although I have now sold both I'm very partial to the papillon. The shape was so cute and a lot easier to get into.
  12. Def. Retro!
  13. I had a retro and was very uncomfortable carrying it so def. not a fan of that style.
  14. why is the retro uncomfortable or hard to get in or out of? itsn't it just a flap? what are its drawbacks?
  15. I love the retro! Oh taht is one beautiful bag! Good luck deciding, both choices are great!