Cherry Blossom Retro, Ceries Speedy and Denim Neo to sell or not to sell

  1. I'm debating about selling my CB retro (brown), ceries speedy and my denim neo speedy. I rarely ever use these bags (I've used each bag less than 5 times) and since my le fab collection has grown I don't see my self increasing the use of these 3 bags. It's always hard to part with a bag so any advice would be helpful? Any that I should really keep? Anybody have sellers remorse (please explain)? Thanks!!!
  2. I don't keep bags that I rarely use. My tastes change and my LV collection changes with it. Why not keep the CB Retro and Cerises Speedy and sell the Denim Speedy? Try one bag at a time and see how you feel. :yes: I only have seller's remorse until another LV catches my eye. :graucho:
  3. LVLover, I hear you!!! I wanted to let go some pieces and only keep the limited editions but can't part with any of my bags!:nuts: I would suggest if you can afford to keep them - KEEP THEM!:yes:
  4. That's how I am! I ALWAYS get sellers remorse. I could never sell any of my bags, it would break my heart!

  5. I second that..
    Sometime when I take the bag out from the dustbag after long rest in the closet, I fall in love again with the bag..
    If I were you I def. will keep retro and cerises
  6. I agree keep the ones that you know you can always sell later ie the cerises and the retro.
  7. Ditto!
  8. i would have a harder time parting with the ones that have been discontinued.

    otherwise, i don't mind selling the ones i don't ever use. i usually end up giving them away to my younger sis or someone that i'm close to.

    if you feel unsure, just keep them all. you can always decide later, besides, a woman can never have enough handbags!
  9. ITA!:yes: Keep your CB retro and your Cerises Speedy!:heart:
  10. I always think about selling my bags but....I dont think I could ever follow through with it. If you have any bit of doubt then I wouldnt go through with it.
  11. I once had a Cerise speedy and sold it. I regreted it and thought about buying another. But not because I was in love w/ it---only because I kep reading and reading about them on the forum

    I thought it was dumb of me to sell something that was so highly sought after. But truthfully I probably would not wear it much.

    Cherries don't exactly match w/ my everyday work attire.

    The moral of my story is ...sell it if you don't use it. just because its discontinued does not mean it needs to sit in your closet untouched. Sell it to someone who will love it and use the $$ to go buy something that you will love ;)
  12. Please don't sell your Cerises Speedy!! It's sooooo gorgeous you will regret selling it!
  13. sell your CB retro so there'll be one more on the market!!!!!! yay~~~ jk
  14. i would keep them all if i can afford it! they're a gorgeous collection
  15. Wow you have quite the Le Fab collection- do you have every one except the sienna?