Cherry Blossom question

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  1. Can anyone tell me approximately how much the LV Cherry Blossom papillon was in stores? I might get one on eBay and was just wondering how much they originally retailed for. Thanks!!

  2. The Cherry Blossom line had only 3 main bags that came in the brown monogram with pink blossoms, pink monogram with pink blossoms, and cream monogram with red blossoms.

    The 3 bags - the retro, the papillion, and the pouchette.

    I have the pink on pink papillion bag that was carried by Charlotte on the show "Sex and the City". I also have the matching pink on pink porte tresor wallet, and the pink on pink address book.

    Also there were these accessory items sold in the 3 colors listed:
    the coin cles wallet, the belt, the mirror and the ID bracelet. There were no back packs or speedy bags or other models of items made in this print.

    I believe the retro and the papillion bags sold originally for around $1200 and $900 usd in 2003. The pouchette was sold for like $465 or something and the porte tresor wallets were about the same price. Someone else may want to comment on original pricing.

    You may find someone willing to let go of an authentic bag for less than what they paid at Vuitton for it, but most of the real ones on ebay are going for $900 or more. Key things to look for: 6 point screws where the bow is attached on the bag, the eyes on the blossoms should be slanted and not round, the interiors have tan colored interiors in a faux suede called alcantara lining, the retro has one pocket inside and none of the bags have cell phone pockets. At any rate, don't bother looking at anything marked under $500 and even bags from $500 to $900 you need to scrutinize!:suspiciou
  3. There is a price list on mypoupette for alot of louis vuittons , but since they have re-done their sight I cannot find it - can anyone else find the link on

    from what a remember I think the CB papillon was $880:biggrin:
  4. ones that are fakes:
    6837476087 - no key like that comes with the bag, the rounded off flap on the dust bag is a give away, ID card incorrect - blossoms are to pink in color.
    6837209749 - don't blother, pics too fuzzy to show necessary details. Avoid auctions with poor pics.
    6838139075- no such model of bag ever made
    6837865150 - terrible fake, you can tell by the shape and bow.
    6838414232 - has correct dust bag from 2003 but the box is newer so they may have replaced the box at some point - but some blossom bags may have been sold with the newer boxes. gotta be careful though cause the seller didn't put in any closeups to show details but I believe this bag is real.
    6836642797- again, the dust bag is newer and incorrect as these bags were sold with the LV marked dust bags - BUT it may be just a replacement. The bag itself looks to be authentic from all other pics shown.

    RETRO bags were marked made in Spain by the way - the papillion is marked Made in France.
  5. speedysteph, that one you are looking at appears to be real by all pics I see - plus the seller appears to be an ALVA and Poupette member but I don't go strictly on that - I go more by detailed pics and this looks like a good used AUTHENTIC one.
  6. That was a really thorough list, and quick too ! :nuts:
  7. Ardiennet you really seem to know you CB :smile: - I would love to see your collection please posty pics of it... whta other LVs do you own??.

    Are you a member of any of the other LV communities?? :smile:
  8. I'll see I can find my aol page that had pics on it of murakami bags which included mine. I actually never liked LV bags - thought they were too boring brown and for older women (over 50). Then in 2003 I saw the CB pink bags in the Boca Towne Center LV store and fell in love. I have the 3 cherry blossom items that I spoke of (the papillion, the porte tresor and the address book) and I have a real multicolore black pouchette. I spent time studying the original Murakami line to determine what was different from original bags vs. fakes. My black pouchette for instance - the real black multicolore bags all have NAVY BLUE LV's and symbols. Most fakes you see don't have navy blue on the bags. And if you do come across fakes that have navy blue, they never have the correct color taupe alcantara lining. The lining is always too dark or too light.

    Today I'm awaiting the delivery of a Fendi Hologram Spy HOBO bag! ;)
  9. Wow, GREAT purchase ! :nuts:

    I never knew that about the black MC pochettes, I thought that as long as the colour combinations were right (e.g. white green pink, pink purple mustard, light blue navy yellow) it was okay ? But that's a great piece of information, thanks for sharing ! I'm really hoping to pick up a MC pochette off of eBay but it sucks cause I have to wait for something really cheap to come by. :Push:
  10. Yes, your right about color combinations existing, but I found it was just easier to tell by looking for navy blue LV's and symbols on the black bags. The WHITE bags are another story...some of the better fake white bags have been done mirror image enough to look authentic both in and out - but none of the fake black multicolors are exact enough to be mirror image. I have personally seen one fake pouchette with the navy blue symbols but it had the incorrect interior color (it was light tan or dark grey instead of the dirty looking "mole" color that it should be) and I have personally seen one fake speedy 30 black multicolor that had the same issue. Most people though don't care that the interior isn't true to the original. How many people see the inside of a persons purse anyway, right?
  11. Oops. I forgot that there were 2 coin wallets sold in the Cherry Blossom print. One was the Key Cles, and the other is an actual coin wallet. Just in case anyone was wondering! ;)

    Also, forgot to mention that I have seen trouville bag sold in black multicolor with the navy blue symbols but incorrect interior color.

    Ayla, a sure fire way to know your getting an authentic black multicolor pouchette besides making sure the interior color is correct and that somewhere there are Navy symbols on it, is to look for one that is marked "Made in U.S.A." on it. I purchased mine in Indianapolis at the LV boutique in a Saks Fifth Avenue. It says made in usa on it. All fakes are marked with made in france - you will never see a faked marked USA. ;)
  12. Wow! Thanks for the info! You guys are awesome!
  13. Yes, the limited edition cherry blossom porte monnaie plats are super cute ! Well, they all are, I really like that in the MC as well.

    I've noticed that, it's really scary that so many white pochette replicas are just so good, there have been a few I've seen that look so good, until you look at the stamp inside the bag and it's inked and black rather than colourless.

    I've also noticed the made in stamp as well, it's really, really rare to see a fake with 'made in Spain' stamped on the bag as well.

    Thanks for all your advice, it's really good to know that there are Louis Vuitton fans around the forum to educate ! I recently picked up a white MC cles on eBay for 38$.. ! :nuts: So I'm really, really hoping to get something which matches but also hoping to score the same kind of deal ! :amuse: