Cherry Blossom PTI wallet owners

  1. I have the entire brown/brown CB accessory set and a few pieces in the pink/pink and it's been in hiding for several years now since I got them. I finally got the courage to take out the PTI wallet to use it since I have been so paranoid that I will somehow put any damage to it (even the slightest marks). I'm not crazy about dark patina either.

    My question is do you guy who own this beauty use it on a regular basis or just occassionally?
  2. I don't have the PTI but I do have the Porte Monnaie Plat, which is also a wallet, but much smaller. I haven't used mine in over a year. I'm afraid the cherry blossoms will rub off.
  3. i'd use it for special occasions; i like to baby my discontinued pieces.
  4. I too only use my CB pap for special occasions. I like to baby my louis.
  5. I ever had CB PTI in brown and pink a few times ago, I won't recomended to use as daily since the cherry flower painted able to get scuff. I had Retro and PTI, I used it as daily, the cherry flowers on retro still look good but flowers on my wallet got scuff, I guess maybe with the wallet, we touch and flowers but with the bag, we touch the strap only.