Cherry Blossom PTI Wallet in cream

  1. I'm wondering if anyone happens where/which second hand store is selling the cherry blossom PTI wallet in the cream color? It's the one with red flowers on it..

    You girls are evil.. You make me fall in love with the cherry blossom series. I think I :heart: cherry blossom more than dentelle at the moment. ;(

    I'm surfing through eBay, and I dont find it too. thehuangfamily is asking USD1600 for it :crybaby:
  2. no buying or selling on TPF. sorry.
    i feel your pain though. id love one but i hve no money:crybaby:
  3. Yeah, please resist the urge to buy/sell as it is against the rules! Feel free to share your deepest desires to accuire one though, that we can understand! I love the CB line. I have a Pap and never bought a wallet, stupid me! Someday...
  4. Let me rephrase it then, I'm not buying/selling in tpf. I'm just asking tpfers to help me keep a look out for it. :smile:

    I am just asking anyone if they know where I can find it. ;/

    Please help me look out for it.
  5. Okay, no problem! I would be more than happy to keep my eyes peeled for one of those babies!
  6. That sounds so cute! I've never seen a CB PTI before. (Wow, we're so cool with all of our abbreviations...)
  7. Good luck! The wallets are some of the hardest pieces to find. :push:
  8. keep checking eBay, they pop up once in a while.
  9. I'm in the same boat looking for a brand new one in pink/pink that is reasonably priced. Good old LV destroyed my when it went in for repairs, you believe that!?!:censor::censor:. It seems to be alot easier finding a brown one though which I have the entire accessory set of but it still doesn't replace my pink one.
  10. Sending you good vibes and will be on the look out for you.
  11. I personally love the cream version most. I manage to find a pochette at USD350 at good condition. ;D
  12. That's such a pretty wallet tho. I recall seeing one on eBay a while ago. No idea if it's real or fake tho. :sad:
  13. I friend of mine on the LV board "ALVA" had one for sale not too long ago. She still might have it. Her ebay ID is rebeccalou28. She's a MyPoupette Reseller, and is a VERY reliable seller. I've purchased from her more times than I can count. Give her a try, or at least contact her and see if she might be able to locate one for you. I know she definately one a Cherry Blossom PTI in the red/cream combo. Good luck!