cherry blossom pochettes

  1. What does everyone think of these? I'm just not sure if they are still in, some of my friends dont like them anymore. I have one that is ending in an hour on ebay that i'm sure is real, just not sure if i should bid on it, its a pink on pink one. I loved them when the first came out, but I'm just not 100% sure about them anymore, what are everyones opinions on these?? I'm 16 and 5'7, does anyone this height have one coz i'm not sure if it will be too small.
  2. I'm almost 29 and 5'5 and I LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!! I think even the limited edition designs don't go out of style!
  3. i'm 5'5" and i have them in both brown/brown and brown/pink....i love them both!!! first i wasn't really sure but once i got them, they are just too cute to let go, so i'm keeping them :smile:

    if ur worried that the pochette might look too small on u, i suggest a keyring extender, it gives extra length for the handle, also a great way to protect the vachetta bow from discoloration from use :smile:
  4. I've got that one, and I :heart: it! I don't think it will be out of style at all. On the rare occasion that she gets out and about, she still gets many compliments. :yes:
  5. CUTE!!!:love: If you want something other than mono pochette, get one from CB line!!!:yes:
  6. I just bought one in pink/pink because I want it for a beach vacation I am taking in March (yes, I'm already planning :graucho:) I like it better than the Azur pochette....although I do think that one is really cute too!
  7. I think it's cute too...much perkier than ur usual mono pochette...great for nights out too...
  8. I'm 5'7" and the pochette definitely does NOT look too small.
    I have the pink one and I love it to bits!! I want to buy the other two colours, eventually.