cherry blossom pochette

  1. i don't know what's a good price or if people are looking for this, but there's one on for $495. it looks nice, too!
  2. Is it totally new and un-used? $495 seems a bit steep for a CB pochette...unless it is the red/cream one! Most CB pochettes I see go for about $380.
  3. no, it's def. used. also, it's a regular cb pochette. so, maybe not a good deal!
  4. Wait! There are many other cheaper pochettes! If you are willing to buy off eBay, the pink/pink or brown/pink ones usually list for around $300-$400 and even then bids are scarce...I got mine for $350; luckily I found it right before I considered buying thehuangfamily 's for $699! (I was an unaware LV buyer back then)
  5. I paid $495 for a mint pink/pink and got a mint brown/pink off ebay for $300! patience is a virtue for these older bags....I sometimes wait a month or more until I find the perfect one at a great price!
  6. good to know- i'm not really into the 'graphic' purses- cerises, flowers, grooms, etc., but i know many people are, so i try and keep my eye out for them for others.
  7. I was on the original wait list for this when it first launched. And I believe I paid $495. with the tax.
  8. cute