Cherry Blossom Pink/Red ?on Cream PTI wallet owners :-)

  1. Hello, has anybody here owned Cherry Blossom Pink ( Red on Cream preferred ) Porte-Tresor International wallets & would sell in reasonable price? :heart::smile: I ever saw one in red-on-cream but it's really in unreasonable price, around $1500, WOW!:nuts::nuts: while Let-Trade sold for around $300 only...
  2. did you see the USED condition it was in ?
    A NEW not USED one might go for that price, but not a very used one.
  3. Hi, thanks for your respond :smile: So, do you think $1500 is fair for NEW CB PTI wallet? How much do you think the fair price for 2nd but still in good condition? Thought red on cream will be higher than other 2 colors?
  4. No i'd never pay 1500$$ for c/b pti or any other for that matter.
    I would be a nice /gently used one. But i'd pay no more then what a monopti was worth new.

    So i guess my limit *if * i was going to buy one would be 600$ and it better in almost new condition.
  5. If you're patient, you may be lucky. The cheapest I saw (missed bidding on it the last minute - darn!) was 385.00 for a gently used one (red/cream). It got snatched up by a mypoupette seller who relisted it and sold it for (I think 585.00). The actual retail price back then was 440.00 US$ so paying 1500.00??? Of course, if you can afford it, hey why not spoil yourself.
  6. id never spend 1500 on a wallet IMO... i think you should hold out...
  7. 1500?? it's more than Triple the original price.....i wouldn't go for it, seems like a rip off IMO :shrugs: