Cherry Blossom pattern: sizes? speedy?

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  1. I know NOTHING about LV - but I do regret not purchasing one of the "cherry blossom" bags years past. I think the reason I didn't was that I was only seeing teeny tiny bags - and I like bigger style bags. Which leads me to my question: What was the biggest handbag LV made in the "cherry blossom" pattern? Did they do a speedy 30 or other larger bag?

  2. No Speedy. There was a Retro bag, though.
  3. Was that the largest bag? What did it look like (shapewise)?
  4. Just type in cb retro on ebay. and list it with "highest price"

    then you'll be able to see how it looks like.
  5. Wow - that's still not very big - good to know though...
  6. I was hoping since they made cherry speedies that they would have made a cherry blossom speedy....
  7. Nope, there is no CB speedy.. only papillon, retro, and pochette for the bags. Retro would be the biggest IMO.. I think retro is the prettiest bag out of all the CBs, with its big bow and such..
  8. SarahCantiik.. orang indo kah?