Cherry Blossom papillon

  1. Hey all,

    Quick question....was the cherry blossom papillon ever made with a zipper?
  2. No
  3. Thanks bag....that is what I thought. I called out a counterfeit seller on ebay who was selling one with a zipper and she gave me a number for LV and said they made it with a zipper. I was 99.9% sure they didn't, but wanted to make sure before I email her back lol
  4. They'll try anything.
  5. I hear is at 300$ has 4 days left, so I hope ebay will pull it before it ends. I soooo desperately want to email the current bidder...but I know I'll get into trouble doing that!
  6. I honestly hope that they'll pull it too but since the price is so high, I doubt it cause eBay makes a percentage out of it =(
  7. Such a crappy system ebay has...all about the money and don't care about their customers! If you looked at the person's feedback it would all look they're cleaning out their closet. And they may well be and not know they have a fake (I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt here lol)

    There is the link to it! From the pics it doesn't even look like the right size! And I love how their pics are soooo small you can't see details.
    They emailed me back again saying they "know" their bag is authentic and that mypoupette is a nothing website trying to sell a book and that I'm a jealous seller because she's undercutting my
    I've got it on my watch list...hoping it gets pulled! I don't get mad when someone wastes $100 on a fake....but $300 is a lot of money for a fake..for an extra couple hundred you can get a nice new, real LV!
  9. I would love to inform the bidder that they should not bid on that bag.
  10. Me toooooo...but don't want to get in trouble with ebay.
  11. Zomg that looks HORRIBLE
  12. got pulled!!!!!! YAAA I feel like I did some great service for ebay, the poor bidder, and wearers of genuine LVs

    lol...I'm just actually happy that ebay did something!
  13. Twiggers ~ You Did Do Something VERY Good!!! I'm So Glad It's Gone!
  14. me too...and thanks! It says she ended it early...I wonder if it is due to a threatening ebay letter.
  15. I reported at ebay and warned the buyer. I guess buyer contacted Ebay as well. I don;t know that you get get into trouble by warning the buyer. May be it's ok if you only have buyer account..?