Cherry Blossom Papillon

  1. I have a chance to get the Cherry Blossom Papillon right now. Should I?

    What do you girls think?

    Please help!
  2. how's the patina? i heart them so much.. CB rox.
  3. Here's a picture:

  4. how much? condition?
  5. Isn't it's way too out of season?

    I don't know....if u want to get it..go ahead.
  6. soooo pretty! :love: I love the cb pink/brown papillion and retro.
  7. Why would anyone buy a bag and only use it one season? Especially at that price?!

    I think they will be classic for years to come, personally I don't think they are out.

    If you love it then go for it, that is all that matters!
  8. It actually belongs to a friend. She's balling out of control! :nuts: She buys a lot of bags but ends up not using them.

    She has actually used this one for only a couple of times but not sure how much she wants to sell it for yet. It retails around $1500 and she's waiting for me to make her a reasonable offer.

    I wanna get it b/c its such a collector's item. And it's beautiful. But I'm not sure if that's enough of a reason to get it.

    Any advise?
  9. I bought my Cb papillon for just $880 and it went up that high now? wow. but i'll never sell mine. I would advise you to get it while you can :biggrin:
  10. I say get it too!!! BTW, your doggie avatar is sooo cute!
  11. get it, get it!! if you regret it, you can always sell it =)
  12. ^
    That's what I was thinking. Just so I don't pass up on the chance...
  13. buy it!! such a rare find!
  14. get it!!! i agree with mello yello jen, you can always sell it if you don't like it
  15. I too say buy it - I love all my CB
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