Cherry blossom papillion, pink/pink or brown/ pink?


Cherry blossom papillion, pink/pink or brown/pink

  1. pink/pink

  2. brown/pink

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  1. Which would you pick?
  2. i'm partial to the brown/pink... the pink stands out more against the brown background.
  3. I love the pink!
  4. I think they are both beautiful but I find the pink too pink and too girly for my taste.
  5. My favorite is actually the cream/red combo, but given the choice between those two, I love the brown and pink!
  6. Pink/Pink :heart:
  7. I really love PINK!!!
  8. I know, I am odd, I don't like the cream / red...thus the 2 options.
  9. I love both, but in terms of usibility I think the brown/pink is better.
  10. My first choice is the pink/pink cb BUT since the vachetta doesn't stay pale I went with the brown/pink cb. Plus, I figured I could use regular monogram with it instead of searching for more cb items.
  11. Pink/Pink! I have this bag on my ongoing want list. It's so pretty! : )
  12. i'd go for pink/pink!
  13. i love pink so pink/pink. it IS very girly though, but the whole CB line is pretty girly anyway. And you don't see it around as much.
  14. Brown/Pink here :smile:
  15. can't really go wrong with either... i love the cherry blossom line.
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