Cherry Blossom, Panda, Groom wallpaper?

  1. Does anybody have any desktop wallpapers of the red/cream cherry blossom, brown/pink cherry blossom, the panda, or groom collection? I've found a couple pink/pink cherry blossom pics along with MC, damier, etc., but not these. I'm absolutely in love with the red/cream and cannot find a wallpaper anywhere! :sad:
  2. Sadly, no- but I do have ones for mono, Burberry, and a really neat one for Goyard :p
  3. No, but if you go to under advertisements (on the top right corner) you can find tons of LV ads and they make great screen savers/desktops esp for macs where you can have it change every 5 secs.
  4. i have one of eva herzigova wearing a brown cb retro.
  5. I'd like to see a Groom wallpaper
  6. its cute
  7. thatd be sweet if someone had a pink/pink cb background
  8. loveslouisfendi-thx 4 the website suggestion
  9. here's the pink/pink cb one i have. if only it was red/cream though! :girlsigh:
  10. Here is the panda in monogram and white MC but Im not sure is it the one that you looking for


  11. Thank you babydol!! I lovethe pink cb!! I just put it up & I LOvE iT!!!!!!
  12. suminasaii...thank you so much!
  13. thanks babydol! You dont happen to have a larger version of if do you?? cause its blurry on my comp. :o(
  14. thats the only version i have, even when i use it and "stretch" it to fit my desktop, its not that blurry. maybe a bit though, but its cute enough to overcome!
  15. thanks!