Cherry Blossom/Panda/Cherries LV items owners

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  1. hi guys, do you spray leather protector or some sort of fabric protector on your bags to prevent the paints peeling? as i've posted in my last thread, i've just bought a panda pochette, and am concern about it peeling, should i spray some sort of protection on it? or would it make it worst and deteriorate faster (as per what the LV sales person said to me)? :confused1:
  2. I don't do anything to them. So far so good. Nothing peeled, chipped, faded, etc.
  3. ^^^ same here!
  4. No way..I'd never put anything on it.
    The only thing I've had was a couple of chips on the a couple of the cherries on the corners (1 on each corner) of my bag. But I did those myself by running them into stucco.
    Anyway no, I wouldn't advise putting anything on it.
  5. i only sprayed Shining Monkey on the leather, and wiped off whatever got on the canvas
  6. I am too scared to treat them with anything......
  7. Same lol...the only thing I do is keep them in the dustbag in my cupboard when I'm not using it:yes:.
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