Cherry Blossom? Graffiti? Cerises? Oh my!


Which one?

  1. Graffiti

  2. Cerises

  3. Cherry Blossom

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  1. I decided, that I need to have a Pochette :shame:
    I'm dying to have one of the limited styles - but I can't decide which one...
    The Graffiti was the first LV I really liked (all colours)... but I also :heart: the CB (again all colours...) and the cute smiling cherries :love:
    Which one do you prefer and why? Which style is most versatile?
  2. Very tough for me to choose but it come down to CB. I think it's very girly and pretty.Perfect for Summer and Spring plus I love Cherry Blossom. Now you make me want to have it ..
  3. It's evil, isn't it? :amuse:
    The more I talk about it and look at all these beautiful bags here, the more bags I want... :love:
  4. I would get the Cherry Blossom - so pretty. :P The ones on Ebay seem really expensive though.
  5. My dream bag is a graffiti speedy - I love both colors
  6. i voted for cherry blossom. i missed that line and would love to buy something from it. they are really high on ebay though. (sigh)
  7. I love the whole Graffiti-line :amuse:
    Maybe I should get the Graffiti, because I'm loving it for the longest time now...??? And there's a cute one in khaki on eBay from a MPRS...
  8. Oh man totally - I wish I had the money, it'd be MINE. I think I prefer khaki, but I'm not picky! :lol:
  9. There are huge differences in the price... I saw some for ~1000$ and others for ~400$ - all from MPRS and all in good condition. I don't want to spend much more than 500$, but still not 100% sure which style to get :shame:
  10. The cerises pochette was available at the LV in Saks in Chicago about 5-6 weeks ago....kicking myself for not buying it..but hubby said only one purse.
  11. I think the most versatile would be Cerises (it can even pass for the plain pochette). The prettiest, IMO, is the pink CB!:love: And the casual one is the Graffiti. Now the questions is, what suits your lifestyle better?
  12. Thanks Irene, that's exactly what I thought... The CB is so pretty, cute, pink, girly,... :love: but maybe to cute for me?

    I guess I should go with the Graffiti in khaki.

  13. You can't go wrong with either one!!! Keep us posted!:smile:
  14. I voted Cerises but I love the Graffiti too! Have you looked at the Panda? It's cute too!
  15. i like the cerises line, but not the pochette.
    my vote goes towards a PEACH graffiti :love: