cherry blossom fans! need opinion......

  1. so i FINALLY got a hold of a cb pochette (brn) and still waiting for it.....but wanted to ask out of curioisty, how much were they retail when they were available in stores? and how much would you pay now for good condition or excellent condition?:confused1:


  2. Mmm, for retail price, thought John 5 ever posted in a thread, just check it :smile:
    Anyway, congrats for your new CB pouchette :heart:
  3. I think they were about $350 in stores when they were new?
    As for resale, I'd probably pay maybe $475.
  4. I think it was $425 in store, but you had to be so lucky to get one at that price, at THAT TIME. Now 4 years later, by comparing a new MC pochette ($590), I am willing to pay $650 for a new CB pochette(only IF there is one, sigh), after all, CB pochette has a cute bow, not even mention it is a limited Edition!
  5. When I called 866, the representative said the CB Pochettes retailed for $375 USD. In my pricing list, it states that the CB Pochettes retailed for $425 USD. That should give you a good price range of what they retailed for. ;)
  6. It was AU$870 in Australia. Since then I think US prices have been fairly on par with the Australian prices but we are defn most expensive after Japan.
  7. Yea i remember it retailed for around 400 but they were extrememly hard to get back then. For a brand new pink/pink or red/cream, I'd pay 700 since it's so rare to find a brand new CB item now. As for a used in excellent mint condition, maybe under 550, good condition 450. Minus 100 dollars for the above quotes on the brown/pink combo though...IMO.
  8. thank you all so much for your input/info! dollypu, you made a good point and made me feel good in the "bargain" that i got! love you guys!

  9. was the brn/pink cb pochette hard to get when they first came out?
  10. Not AS hard to find but still pretty limited. My mom said she was lucky to get mine that year (it was one of my Christmas gifts)..she had gotten it in about May and it had been the last one in stock even after having been out for only about 2 months.
  11. such a cute print. i am still trying to hunt a cb down!
  12. I am glad I could be helpful, thank you too! Enjoy your pochette!(:heart: I love mine! )
  13. I passed on the pochette and bought the papillion in my avatar in March 2003. I was in love with that piece and still am. (I should have bought the pouchette too :smile: What I remember is the ads about the cherry blossom came out more after I got it - the white multicolor was more advertised (they launched the multicolor white and cherry blossom at the same time) I also had my name down on the eye love bags but unable to get one of those (if I knew now what I know I could have probably figured out how to get one lol)

    Once a few pics of cherry blossom were in the mags, then everyone wanted the cherry blossom and it sold out really fast. I had very early on put my name down for the pap - I forget how many months before but it was a long time.

    I got a wallet in CB and mirror, and those were hard to come by. It is still my fave LV stuff.
  14. I paid around $400 for my brown/pink pochette in excellent condition :smile: I'd say anything higher than $500 is a little much since the brown/pink is the most common color combo.