Cherry Blossom Experts...

  1. How many pochettes were there...and what color schemes are there?

    I am purchasing my cerises pochette this week, and CB pochettes are next on my list:yahoo:
  2. Congrats on your cerise pochette :yahoo:
    There are 3 colour combos with CB:
    I have the cream/red and really love it. I think it's the best colour combo coz it's mine and I am biased :P I love pink though and I think the pink/pink is gorgeous too ;)
  3. Thanks maro....I did an ebay search and only found the cream/red and brown/pink! Why of why do they have to make so many beautiful color combos!
  4. I know....
    Since you are going to get cerise pochette which is brown, I reckon go for cream/red or pink/pink. Do you like pink or red more? What colour of bags do you have at the moment? Get something you haven't got :P
  5. Thanks maro! Unfortunately I love all of LV collection right now is all mono (one MC piece) a little bit of color would be great....I think the pink/pink would be great.

    I'm eventually hoping to be able to purchase all 3 of them (hubby just bought a big I get to spend now!).
  6. Lucky you....It's shopping time then :yahoo:
    I'll let you know when I see something or find something
  7. Thanks maro...I appreciate it!
  8. i am also really in love with a red/ cream pochette!! maro, do u know if the cherry blossoms cover the 'LV' words on the bag on authentic ones? thanks! :flowers:
  9. Every pochette has a different arrangement of cherry blossoms, so the placement is not really a way to differentiate between authentic and fake bags. Sometimes, yes, the cherry blossoms do cover or partially cover the LV's. Hope this helps!
  10. I love all the color combinations! Hope to own them all one day!
  11. thanks!! how then can u differentiate the real ones from the fake? *at a loss* am looking at buying one on ebay and am really afraid it'll turn out to be fake!
  12. Just let us know which auction you are interested in..

    I got fake pochette..I PMed someone the pics from the auction and she confirmed it was real :rolleyes: . I believed her because she sells LV guide LOL. I knew it was fake as soon as I open the box plus confirmation from lovely PFers.Still waiting for my refund.
  13. You have to look at for certain things to see if it is fakes or not so post the link and LV lovers here should be able to help you :smile: