Cherry blossom dilemma....

  1. I have a few CB pieces that I don't use......should I let it go or let it sit in my closet? I would like to sell them..because right now, it's like having money sitting in my closet (for a few months already). But the CB line is limited edition. :crybaby: :crybaby: & I remember trying so hard to get those items a while ago. I do love them...but I think I love them too much that I don't want to ruin I let them sit in my closet. What should I do???
  2. Just because something is LE does not mean you should keep them. If you really don't use them and need the money, sell them to someone that will love them and use them. You could always find yourself a new bag that you will love AND use. :smile: I bought a silver Miroir pochette and ended up returning it because it just wasn't practical for me and I couldn't justify the cost. :yes:
  3. That was my problem a while hurt to see them sitting there...But I made the decision to let them go to a few others who would love them and use them! I did not use mine either for fear that it would rain or something stupid like that. I now know myself better pursewise and accessory wise...I could NEVER own a Birkin OR anything like that as I'd NEVER use complete waste of space and money. I'd worry too much and that was how I was with my precious bags...I use my Speedys and my Damier Alma most days and don't worry...with collectors pieces...I was a basketcase and couldn't bear to use them...:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  4. Ooh I have the similiar problem but finally, I decided to sell my CB, sure not all of my CB, I'll die if I not keep 2-3 pieces for myself :smile: Just sell it and buy the other LV.
  5. HappyAngel...I love the CB also! Keep the CB piece(s) that you absolutely love and can't part with and then sell the others. Then you can get another bag that you Love and will use more often. Good luck!
  6. Thanks ladies!! It's so hard...because I know I will never get them back. :smile:
  7. what pieces do you have it may make sense to get rid of some and keep others
  8. Exactly :yes:
  9. I just finally got the courage to let go some of the bags I wasn't using. It was very hard, but in the end very liberating. If you really don't and won't use them let them go.
  10. As mentioned just b/c it's LE shouldn't mean anything if you don't USE them.....sell them and get stuff you will use !
  11. I let my CB pap sit in it's duster for close to a year before I took it out to use. I also didn't want to "dirty" her. So I appleguarded the leather and started to use it and enjoyed every minute of it. I did however sell my CB retro because even though I was using it, the handle on the top and closure at the bow made it annoying - so I sold it. Keep in mind that brand new items will sell at a better price.
  12. keep the one(s) you would fully regret giving up! there is bound to be one piece that you never want to have to rebuy, keep one, sell the rest!
  13. If you love something let it go - if it's yours it will come back to you - if not, it was never meant to be in the first place.
  14. I've had seller's remorse before, so I don't know if I would sell them. The line is so lovely and you won't be able to replace them easily. I guess if you know 100% that you'll never use them again, sell them, but otherwise, I'd keep them.
  15. I also suggest, just keep ur favourite one and let the rest go to a good home. Could use the money for something newer... Thats what I would do..:p