Cherry Blossom Club

  1. I keep starting these just to drool over everyone's pics!:love:
    I have the pink/pink pochette and a brown/pink pochette is on its way.

    And I promise I'll post pics soon!

    So please share you're CB pieces :smile:
  2. My CB Papillon, I searched for one for ages and finally got this one from ebay it's in great condition and I love it. the only thing is I live in the UK and I'm afraid to take it out if there is a chance it'll rain
    Cherry Blossom .JPG Cherry Blossom 2.JPG
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  3. Mine..:love:
    DSC01393.JPG DSC06155.JPG
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  4. WOW...:wtf: :love: :love: Gorgeous collections!!!!
  5. its awesome. i can't believe i didn't get a piece when it released. now its impossible to find, and i really am skeptical with buying things online :sad: or buy things 2nd handed. :sad:
  6. I'm hoping to add a couple pieces, like the creme/red papillon for sure. That's been my dream bag ever since I'd gotten my brown/pink pochette for Christmas about 3 years ago :smile:
  7. :heart: i have one little thing!!:P
    DSC03925.JPG DSC03926.JPG
  8. I love them all! Those cherry blossoms just make me smile!

    The red/cream is also my favorite color combo....but just soooo expensive and hard to come by. I thought about getting the reto & papillon in all 3 color combos....but for the sake of searching & my wallet I decided to only get them in 1 color'll probably be brown/pink.
  9. :wtf:.....:nuts: gorgeous!
  10. I only have one piece from CB line (my used and abused pochette:lol:) but LOVE it dearly:
  11. i only have a red/cream pochette.. but that still makes me part of this club!! :lol: (the pix is under my bag showcase thread..)
  12. Oh I am in AWE! LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE! :love:
  13. AHHHH! :drool: Would you like to trade!
    Now THAT's what I call my dream collection!

    Anyways, here's mine!
  14. Here's my Pochette and Carnet de Bal :heart: And next on my list is a CB papillon
  15. Gorgeous miyoshi! I love the carnet!