Cherry Blossom/Cerises Designs...

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  1. Do you guys think there's an age limit on carrying pieces from the cherry blossom or cerises lines? I'm wondering if I bought a cherry blossom piece if I'd look too old carrying it as I'm not in my early 20's LOL :love: I don't want to look like I'm trying to be cutesy or teenage-ish. Does that make sense??? I would love opinions.

    Thanks! :idea:
  2. Not really, I think anyone can pull them off. The only limit I see is their a bit too "causal" in my opinion. Like I'd never take them anywhere to formal or anything. A good everyday bag. I think if you like it, there's no age limit.
  3. There are no age limit on hanbags as long as you like it.
  4. if you love it then get it! i think both lines are adorable
  5. If you love it buy it, you only live once!:nuts:
  6. No age limit. I'm far away from 20's and love my Cherry Blossom retro.:love:

  7. I agree, I can certainly see it as a Sunday brunch with girls bag but not really a formal dinner bag. If you truly love it, you will look great in it no matter what! :love: