cherry blossom care and cleaning

  1. hey girls...
    since it's been raining non stop for like a fricken week down here, and i haven't been able to take my new cherry blossom MP out wondering if any of you ladies who also own the cherry blossom color have conditioned/waterproofed your bags? can anyone offer me some tips and good products? i currently use cadallac leather conditioner and kiwi wondering if they'll be okay on this bag...i dont want to mess up the color!

    any help is so greatly appreciated. thanks girls!
  2. I spray my bags with Apple Guard repellent and haven't had any problems.
  3. thanks! after you spray it with that, does it prevent waterspotting altogether? or should i just avoid rain like the plague??
  4. do you think i definatly need to do the waterproofer? or will a leather conditioner work??
  5. If it were me I'd do a waterproofer. I use shining monkey and I really like it a lot. It works great and it dries really fast.
  6. thanks christy!
  7. No problem!!