Cherry Blossom ( again ), PINK or RED CREAM?

  1. Hello, a friend offered me to buy her CB Papillon, she's 2 in Pink & Red Cream.

    I provide the pics here but sorry, I've no pics of Red Cream, I'm using my old pics ( the condition almost similiar ).

    She's asking:
    - Pink Pap for $799
    - Red cream Pap for $ 935

    According the price and items, which one should I get? I really love them all :love:
    Cream Pap.jpg Pink Pap slv.jpg Pink Pap slv ( bow ).jpg Pink Pap slv ( linning ).jpg
  2. I personally would buy pink- but I bet most would tell you to get the red/cream since it's more rare. Buy both! lol

    Do you not have one currently? I always thought you did from your avatar pic.
  3. i like the pink more too, but the red stands out. ^ i agree-get both! ;) :graucho:
  4. Red/Creme!!!!!!
  5. red and cream!
  6. Lol, I def. can't buy both :lol: I'll lost my lunch and dinner for a month if I do it :p beside it, I just deal with my friend to buy her Suhali Le Tal so I really have to choose one of them :smile:

    Ooh make me confuse, 2 votes for pink and 2 for red cream :lol:

    so finally, which one?
  7. Red and cream. Do you own a pink?
  8. I like both, but I would probably by the red and creme combo first.
  9. I never had Pink Papillon, only Pink REtro ( 2 pieces but I sold one ) :smile:
  10. Red/cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. :heart: red cream!!!
  12. Red/Cream hands down.
  13. Argh I'm SO jealous. I'm dying for a red/creme. Get that one!
  14. The red/creme pleeease!!!!! :yahoo:

    It's darling! :heart:

    And I'm not just saying that because red happens to be my favorite color. :p
  15. Red/cream!!!