cherry agenda


Feb 1, 2006
I'm thinking of getting the Cherry agenda....does $799 sound about right??? Also where do I get the fillers??? ( has some great little treasures!)
For the matching refills, you should just phone the 866 Vuitton number to see if they can send you out some. They've stopped making them so your local store may not have them, but a number of boutiques still have them in stock !
Hello, I'm pretty sure that the US price was $399. Call 866 Vuitton to see if any are avaiable. I'm positive that the planner pages are $60 becasue I bought them and then went back to using my palm tx becasue I have to mange so many appointments, tasks and contacts. If you can't find the planner pages and are interesed in them e-mail me [email protected]:smile: Good luck:biggrin: