Cherrio America !! Toodle Loo !!!

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    That's why baggage handlers were spotted loading seven large suitcases as Victoria Beckham flew back to Britain from her week-long trip to Los Angeles.


  2. Prada's, you always have the best funniest titles for your threads! :p
  3. Wow I feel bad for Vicky B. to have to put up with those photgraphers all the time. No wonder the poor woman never smiles.

  4. Yes, and that is why I'd NEVER choose to be famous! All the money in the world isn't worth all that crap~
  5. Thanks, Travel :shame:
  6. How hot! Look at all of those cameras!!! :nuts:
  7. Does she have someone else pack for her? She must--I hate packing just one suitcase! Yeah, that crowd of photographers is insane.
  8. I think it's time that Ms. B gets a new hairdo. She can't seem to stop from pushing her hair away from her face. Every picture. Every time. Every day. Drives me crazy!
  9. Posh doesn't mind the photogs, seriously she loves all the attention.
  10. :roflmfao::true:

  11. Agree. But she DOES need to change that hairdo!! :biggrin:
  12. I can't imagine what her face is like when no one cares to take her pictures.
  13. Lol.
  14. it's the luggage that didn't impress me...i'd go louis all the way if i was that riche:yes:
  15. ^^ I agree