Cherish, Endless, East/West, Diamond, Toki.... OH MY!!!!

  1. What a great thread! I'm looking for a functional tote for travel as well :smile:
  2. Thanks, ceedoan! :hugs: I haven't been around the RM subforum much lately...miniMock is a clingy monkey sometimes plus I feel overwhelmed with all the new RM styles that come out so fast and just can't keep up! Plus... no imcome = no shopping fund! :pout:

    The mini Cherish is already a huge bag. I can't imagine how big the regular Cherish must be! Do you use yours as an everyday bag, or just as a carryall?
  3. mock - urs is a mini, although it looks to be the same size as mine! i wonder if maybe RM just ended up making the cherish is one size. it's already a decent size and i can't imagine this tote being any bigger than it is or else it'd completely overwhelm me! the other day i threw all my crap in, including my 15" macbook and it was great! :biggrin: i have wayyy too many RM's i rotate between that i can't even carry this everyday even if i wanted to!! :giggles:
  4. This is such a fun tote!

    :faint: this is so beautiful! I love the color :biggrin:

    What a great tote! The design is awesome!!!
  5. I think yours is the larger size. Mine doesn't have the top clasp to hold the sides together, only a magnetic snap, and your handles look a bit longer. I've seen both sizes, but haven't tried on the larger to compare.
  6. Wow I can't believe I just found this thread LOL! Cee, you're right! We're almost bag twins! . . . almost :biggrin: