Cherche midi yes or no??

  1. So beautiful!!!

  2. Absolutely breathtaking. This combination has without a DOUBT joined my top five favorite Hermes pieces of all time. 🏻
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  3. I considered a Kelly wallet as a clutch or occasional wear with my farandole 120 necklace as a small bag. Wouldn't this be an easier access alternative? I love the chaîne d'ancre motif and the chubby style. Did anyone who owns the small cherche-midi try this? TY !
  4. I'm loving this bag more and more but I don't think I am ladylike enough :P
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  5. I love this bag in the photos!
  6. Bumping this thread. Anyone buy or try cherche recently? I keep looking at pictures of the clutch size and am debating but I haven't gone to see one in person yet.
    Also, if you put the strap inside the bag to make it a clutch, is there still enough room?
  7. Babe.. this bag looks nice for u. Is this the size 18 or 25 ? Another cherche size 22.. i think is a clutch. Correct me of im wrong.
  8. This is the original release - 25. I love mine. There is a clutch/ wallet yes, with no strap.
  9. Does anyone have modeling shots of the mini vs 25?
  10. I'm not 'liking' because I don't think you're ladylike enough for one, I'm just joining you on the not-so-ladylike bench. I tried one and it wasn't me. Anyone who looks good with other little shoulder bags will rock these.
  11. I love this bag - there was a black shiny croc at my boutique. I dream of finding a way to smash the case and scamper away with it! I wish they would make a larger size....
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  12. I tried it on in shiny croc, the strap was so stiff it was very hard to adjust so I passed. It was absolutely gorgeous though. Probably easier to use in regular leather.

  13. Thank you for saying that, now I can stop mooning over the croc. I love the bag in regular leathers, too!
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  14. Hi Ladies! I am considering the Midi 25 for myself and wonder if it is a shoulder bag only, or can be worn cross-body? (im 5"5)
  15. Can be worn cross-body
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