Cherche midi yes or no??

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I've had this bag on my radar ever since I saw a picture of it in a magazine (Harper's Bazaar I think).
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  2. They look beautiful on you.:grouch:
    Thanks so much.
  3. Yes I believe it is Argile Tadelakt. Same as my Egee so I decided to wait for something different.
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  4. Yeah I see your point. I would wait too if I were you. Thanks so much for the mod shots btw!!
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  5. My SA took some pics of me with the bag but periogirl just posted great pics so I hope you can enjoy them. I would definitely buy this bag if I would like carrying a sholder bag. It's great with the shorter strap look. Can fit phone, keys and a small wallet/cardcase.
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  6. You look great periogirl, especially with the red one
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  7. Thank you dearest!

  8. Omg I LOVE this, it looks like a box Constance, especially in the red. Swoon!!!
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  9. Exactly! ;)
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  10. I saw this at Banana Republic today and couldn't get over the fact that it's clearly inspired by the Cherche Midi ... Am I wrong??

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  11. Wow! I believe that is a case of appropriation rather than inspiration. :nogood:

  12. ...omfg that's crazy...what a terrible copy
  13. I've got one too and I'm so in love with her ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463034772.571858.jpg
  14. Congrats! Seen this IRL, stunning bag! Mykonos isn't a good color for me but esp in Lizard, I bet it shines on you!
  15. Elegant on lizard
    Exotic touch