Cherche midi yes or no??

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  1. Any thoughts or opinions
    This new style
    Pro or con
    Going to be the next constance Roulis?
    Classic or just seasonal?
  2. just manage to see the PM size, i think the bigger size might be more usable.
    the closure seems like had a small button to push to release the lock.
  3. I kinda like it but really need to see it in person to decide...will it come with palladium closure?
  4. It's a no from me :tdown: I really don't like the partially covered chain d'ancre clasp. For some reason it doesn't look right to me
  5. I personally like the PM size more. I got one a couple of weeks ago and then saw the midi size yesterday. Midi size is really too small for me. It barely fits my iPhone 6 Plus! For it's size it would be more like an evening bag but yet it looks too causal for that so I'm not sure when I would use it.

  6. Closure not button
    Think some kind of slide hook effect
    Behind chaine ancre logo
    Quite sleek actually the closure is hidden
  7. Oh like egee closure? Magnetic?
  8. It's hard to describe the closure. There is a metal bit which slides and clips into the bottom curve of the Chaine d'Ancre. Definitely secure and not as tight as a new Constance clasp. I am waiting to see the larger size in the right colour. I think the construction is rather elaborate so more complicated and more hours to make which is reflected in the price.
  9. I have to say no to the look of it, very old looking style. I would think there are vintage pieces that are similar, but have the real-vintage look and feel, so I would rather go for a true-vintage piece. I prefer the constance or roulis.
  10. I tried it on in the larger (still very small) and I liked the look

    It's basically a 'clutch' function in shoulder form.

    I have many similar bags already that I could use for the same purposes so left it.
  11. I think it's beautiful but like marbella8, I think it looks vintage, and I'd rather for instance find a vintage Passe-Guide or Fonsbelle for this effect. But for those who don't "do" pre-loved, it's a pretty style and i like the way it fastens.
  12. It totally reminds me of the Passé Guide or Balle de Golfe. Happy New Year hon :smile:
  13. Happy New Year :hugs: Tea soon!
  14. I saw them IRL. I am really not sure about them. I may love or hate them. Yet to figure it out.
  15. Not a fan