1. Is it safe to send someone a Mastercard cheque in the mail overseas (Europe)? I want to send a signed blank cheque with the person's name. They would put the amount in. Do I have anything to be concern about?
  2. Yes it is a very bad idea.
    cause the check could be used for any ammount and it could get stolen maybe by someone and then they might mess with it *shrug*.
    you never know..people do the oddest things so be careful.
  3. Good Lord.

    NEVER EVER EVER EVER give ANYBODY a blank check with your name signed.

    ...Hope this doesn't sound rude at all, but....doesn't your common sense scream against this????
  4. I'm planning to give it to my sister who's in Europe. I thought that it would be okay since it's a Mastercard cheque and I have a rather small limit on the card. I was going to send a post dated cheque with her name, express mail, tracking and delivery confirmation.

    Now, I'm definitely having second thoughts. Western Union, it is.
  5. Why don't you put something at the bottom not to exceed $___ ?
  6. Never sign a blank cheque....unless you'd care to send it to me?:graucho: :graucho: :graucho:
  7. It's just best to be on the safe side you know?
    ok you can trust your sister but what if someone stole it and messed with it a bit ? :S you never know what theives can do :sad:
    I've used Western Union quite a few times and it's great tbh.
    Best of luck to you :smile: