Chene vs Shadow Pyramid

  1. Thinking of buying a second Pyramid and the SF store has Chene and Shadow. No more Steel and Steel is evidently no where to be found. Opinions on versatility of Chene vs Shadow? I already have bags in Nero, Ebano and Tourmaline.
  2. Since you already own a black I would go with the Chene because I have a feeling it will soon be discontinued. I am not sure of this, it's just a gut feeling. I have seen the Chene on a large Compana and it was love at first sight. I passed on it because I wasn't ready to hear my husband complain about the openness but other than that the color is a fabulous neutral that can be worn all year long.
  3. If you wanted to get Steel, Shadow is very similar - imagine Steel with less brown. If they're not side by side, it would be difficult to tell which is which.
  4. It's very tough choice. I'd match it with clothing color that matches well with the bag color. Chene is very nice color too. Personally I like grey. Is this the new pyramid?
  5. Whoops, my mistake. I meant Parachute. This will be my second Parachute.
  6. Viaggiare - a Freudian slip, perhaps? Might there be a Pyramid in your future? Pyramid is a great bag.

    I don't think Chene will be discontinued. It replaced Noce as the classic caramel color. Noce was a little closer to walnut brown, and Chene is a bit warmer. It is a tough choice, though, both Chene and Shadow are great colors.
  7. Thanks all for the feedback. I think I wear cool tones and neutrals mostly so the shadow could work better. It is part of the Fall collection but any thoughts on its suitability in summer?

  8. If Shadow does have less brown than Steel then it should go divinely with white and navy and even the brights of this summer because Steel looks terrific. And yet, Steel's brown undertones might not work with all colors so Shadow may be a hair more versatile.
  9. 5th Ave has the Shadow Parachute in stock and on display. They likely will have the Chene Parachute as well. Perhaps have them send them to you on consignment. Nothing can beat actually seeing the bag and the colors to decide whether any will work for you.
  10. Checked out Chene and Shadow today and passed on both. Chene is just not a great camel for me and Shadow is just not as versatile as Steel. I'll hold-off until some better neutrals are added to the line.