Chemlex's eBay Finds - I'll be posting my favorites here.

  1. Hi all, I eBay so much it's probably an illness - from time to time I find amazing deals that I have to share with my fellow handbag lovers. Of course, I would never post anything I plan to bid on in here (I don't need the competition, thank you very much), so hopefully you all will enjoy what I post.

    Black and Gold Donald Pliner Handbag - currently at $49.99
    Ebay Link
    This handbag is gorgeous, and I've been meaning to get a Pliner, but I decided to pass this one on to y'all.

    Sigerson Morrison Metallic Purple Purse - currently at $69.99
    Ebay Link
    This scalloped clutch is adorable, I hope one of you give it a good home.

    Rafe Black Handbag - opening bid $49.95 (and no bids yet)
    Ebay Link
    This bag is from the Rafe Fall 2004 Line, and it will be perfect for this fall. The listing says it's a doctor, but it's clearly not. It's a big bag at 13"x8x"5.5, and at its current price it is a steal! It probably sold for around $250 at its original retail.

    And this one kills me to give away, but I just can't splurge on another Botkier right now.

    Botkier Fall 2005 Metallic Mauve Clyde and Medium Luxe Trigger
    The Clyde
    The Trigger
    The starting bids are $450 (about $200 below retail)
    These are fresh new bags, and the color is pefect for every season. I seriously toyed with getting the Clyde, but I picked this week of the year to be responsible

    These auctions end soon, so please check them out. Best of luck with your eBaying :smile:
  2. Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  3. That Sigerson Morrison bag is TDF but I have too many evening bags already.
  4. coolness chemlex, thanks for sharing. Makes me wonder if we need a "deals" sub-forum on here.
  5. I think a sub-category in this forum for "Deals and Steals" would be awesome.
  6. Hi, I decided to do a designer spotlight on Cole Haan - since I see so many great deals from this designer on ebay. If you have any designer requests for me to be on look out for, just send me a PM.

    These all end pretty quick, so if you're interested you should jump on them:
    Cole Haan Jeweled Straw Tote - currently at $20.50
    Ends in three hours!
    I think this is a really cool straw tote that actually works for Fall. It probably will end up going for a bit higher (thanks to sniper bidders).

    COLE HAAN "ZOE" LEATHER CLUTCH HANDBAG - currently at $29.99
    Ebay Link

    Magenta Alexa Purse - $29.99 and no bids yet.
    Ebay Link
    I've seen this bag in person, and the leather is perfect and the color is even better in real life.

    Tan Alexa Collection Purse -$49.99 and no bids yet.
    Ebay Link
    Wow, I love this one! Please someone buy this so I can live vicariously through you.

    Cole Haan Alexa Ocean Blue
    Ebay Link
    As you can tell I love the Alexa collection - it's classic and it will never go out of style.
  7. Chemlex- great idea on the sub-category! Vlad will put that up when he gets a chance and we will move this thread over!! Thanks for the great tip :biggrin:
  8. I'm an ebay addict...thanks so much for posting your finds!!!
  9. It's about that time again: Here are some the great deals on purses at eBay - please let me know if this thread is help to anyone, and if you decide to bid on anything.

    Marc by Marc Jacobs Schooly Satchel -currently at $127, only 1.5 days left!
    This bag is selling for $328 at right now - and the auction is improperly listed (doesn't contain "schooly" in its auction title so people who are looking for this type of bag can't easily find it). You can get a great deal on this purse.

    Rafe New York Pink Ibiza Bag - opening bid $105, and no bids yet

    People who read this blog and forum are probably familiar with my extreme love for Rafe New York - and this bag exemplifies why I love this designer. The bag is great fun, the silver hardware plays perfectly on the shimmery pink. This bag is from Spring 2005, and its original retail was probably around $400. It's a big bag: 15 1/4" x 8.5" x 4 3/4
    If one of you lucky ladies buy this bag, I would definitely pick up this adorable bag charm to go with it. Just $9.99 at the following link:

    Botkier Nude Clyde Bag- Currently at $225.00 and no bids yet.
    No bids yet on this bag from the Botkier Spring 2005 line. I own a Trigger in this color, ad it goes with everything. The picture they have actually makes it appear darker than in real life. It's closer to a shimmery pearl. At its current price it is a great deal.

    Botkier Acid Holster Bag - Currently at $83.00
    I love Botkier bags, and I have a Holster as well as a Acid colored bag. The acid definitely has a greenish tinge to it, and even though it was released in Spring 2005, it is definitely more of a Fall color. The Holster is an fantastic bag with three compartments and 4 pockets on the outside. If you are a sniper bidder, I definitely recommend waiting until the final hour of the auction to bid, and you might get a great deal.

    Cynthia Rowley Large Black Handbag Starting Bid $49.99
    There are always great deals on Cythia Rowley handbags on eBay (believe me, I've been watching). Do a search on it some time if you're a fan of this designer.
  10. Love your finds chemlex! If you ever see a good deal on any Mulberry, please let me know. It's my new obssession!

  11. You have great taste- Mulberry is such a hot brand right now, but I've never owned one so I'm afraid I would post a fake. If you know a good site that shows several pictures of authentic ones (including interior shots) please PM.

    I will definitely give it a search, but I can't gurantee I won't scoop a few up before I post deals in here.
  12. I'm gonna remind Vlad for the new category! This seems to be quite a fav with everyone!! :smile:
  13. do you use ebay alot ? i have heard there are too many fakes ... which begs the question .. are you after the style of the bag or the name (obviously, i understand you get the quality control from designers).

  14. Yes, I use eBay a lot - but not for designer where fakes run rampant (Dior, Vuitton, Balenciaga). I usually stick to designers that counterfeiters don't know about yet (I've never seen a fake Rafe). If I post something here I am 99.7% sure that it is the real deal.

    I have a lust list of many many bags, so I usually do a designer search and then look at the pictures to see if I recognize the bags. I also have about 50 Ebay Favorite Search alerts, so they email me if something I want pops up.

    Of course, you should be very careful of fakes on eBay - I actually don't recommend getting a Vuitton or Dior, unless you are comfortable with the fact that the bag might be a fake. I have knowingly purchased replicas off of eBay because they looked good enough, and they were reasonably priced for a replica.

    If you know the bag that you want and know what it looks like (interior included), you can probably get a good deal on it on eBay. You just have to be vigilant and careful. Fortunately, you are protected by Paypal and Ebay so if someone represents a bag as authentic (and it isn't) you can get your money back within 45 days of auction end.

    I hope this was helpful, let me know if there are any designers you've had your eye on.
  15. See this is what i am talking about , making me spend more money

    THANKS :smile: