chemical smell and mono LV

  1. Is this the mono pouchette has a strong chemical smell to it and it has been one month and has not gone my other LV stuff does not smell...I put a call into the store because it is not getting better...anyone ever experience this????
  2. Im not an expert but I dont think there should be any smell at all? You should definitely go back and have a chat with them and see what they say.
  3. Has odour of the mono canvas ever been an issue for anyone? One of my pieces has a strong chemical odour that has not gone away. Spoke to LV and they say that they have never heard of this...which I fine I am the only person to ever mention this issue...all my other pieces smell fine..also they mentioned that the pieces are inspected before going out...maybe they do not want to deal with the issue...the piece is one month old and I thought it would go away on its new car smell off gasing but, it still has a burnt chemical smell to it...isn't this weird????
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  5. I have never heard of this either...but if it is hapened take it in and see what they say.
  6. My new speedy smells really good like leather (from the vachetta)
  7. i have never had that problem. you should definitely take it to LV.
  8. The BH I ordered from Elux last month smelled horribly of chemicals. I had another one earlier that did not smell. I sent the stinky one back. It was awful.
  9. That is strange, never heard of it.
  10. I haven't gotten any smelly LV so far either. Mine just smell like the leather trim. I would definitely see if you can exchange it if it stinks.
  11. I am sending it back...the manager at the LV store wants to smell it her self...she is giving me a hard time and will loose my business....
  12. Weird about the smell...keep us posted as to what the manager says. You obviously know what you're talking about because you have other mono pieces with vachetta and those don't smell. And now someone else has confirmed that they've gotten a smelly mono piece too. Very strange.
  13. I asked two other people to smell it and they agree with me...all my other pieces are absolutely fine...the manager at the LV store was giving me attitude about how it is inspected before going out..I told her the piece is perfect except for the smell...I love the piece and want to keep it but, do not want the chemical smell...I am sending it back to her...if she does not resolve this I will be purchasing from another LV location...not impressed...quality and service should be number one at LV and I think that they are slipping...I even told her what purpose would there be for me to event this when I want to keep the has a chemical smell and should not...there should be accountability on their part...I am not impressed at all...
  14. That's weird. My mono pieces have smelled a bit but you can tell it's a leather smell due to the vachetta, not a chemical smell at all.
  15. My mono has never had an odor....Hmmmm????