Chemical Peels or Laser (photorejuvenation)


Please get some Common Sense
May 14, 2006
I have been trying to get rid of dark spots and uneven skin tone it seems like forever. I have had 6 chemical peels in 2015 (none in 2016) (Kojic acid and tca) and have had great results, but still not happy with my skin. I normally get my peels with my esthetician and she uses a brand called Rhonda Allison. I also have been getting microdermabrassion (3 last year) and one two weeks ago.

I saw my dermatologist the other night and she wants me to try one of her peels (rejuvenize peel) or photo-rejuvenation (laser). My esthetician is against me using lasers (she does them, but feels skin of color is not a good candidate). My derm is African American and was against it last year (keep pushing chemical peels on me), but agreed to laser our last visit.

I am torn as to which to do. Any advice/experience from women of color would be appreciated.