CHELSEAGIRL...I got it (and a few other goodies), but problems w/ boutique!!!

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  1. Hey Chelseagirl,

    Thanks for the stock update info for the platinum Bridgit!!! I went to the boutique on Sat. and bought it!!! I decided that was definitely the bag for me!!!

    However...there's a problem, and I'm currently NOT happy with my boutique at all!! :crybaby:

    It appears JAX stock is decent (was up a bit due to consolidation) for the metallic Bridgit, but I didn't want it to sell out. They had only one in the store, so I bought that one. My normal fav. SA was not there that day (unfortunately!). It was downhill from there!

    I also bought the new Hamptons magenta leather capacity wristlet along with the Bridgit. When I got home, I discovered that the Bridgit was missing the nickel logo snap that hangs with the hangtag! :cursing: And to make matters even worse, I didn't thoroughly check my bags like I usually do (wasn't thinking they would mess the wristlet up since I handed the girl the right display wristlet in the store for her to plug in the info). Well, the stock person put the WRONG one in the bag!!! I got the pink patent instead of the magenta leather. So strike two!! :cursing::cursing:.

    I am STILL trying to work this all out with them!! I mean why bring the bag back in when you should be able to get the logo snap sent to you directly. I like to hand pick my own bags, and this one is perfect otherwise. I don't want to chance what I have not seen...BUT, I don't want the darn things to sell out before they decide what they are going to do either!!! I am still waiting on a resolution so that I can go to a closer store ONE time, and exchange the wristlet and also deal with the bag (if I have to return it and them order me a new bag). They said JAX said they had NO replacement logo snaps in the nickel, so they have to talk to the hardware person. GOOD GRIEF!!!

    SIGH...the story actually gets worse too, but I won't write it all out. I'm really looking forward to seeing what other stupid/annoying thing comes up with this store before the end of the day!! I've given glowing recos of this store and my SA in the past, but suffice it to say I'm not pleased at this point...especially since both items were full retail purchases. I'm also not a high maintenance person when it comes to customer service in general..I don't expect the red carpet to be rolled out for me, but I would really like for errors to be dealt with such that it doesn't inconvenience me even further than it already has (I've spent a lot of time on the phone and been bounced back and forth with no resolution)! I honestly feel that I am getting runaround with this store! I suppose they are busy and it's low priority for them. But I can honestly say I have gotten better service in the past for PCE and at outlets than this!!

    Anyway.... I've attached a pic of the Bridgit (you will LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!). This is so much nicer and softer than the metallic Carly, I think. I just wasn't feeling that smooth heavier metallic look, and kind of almost a marbled appearance, along with the brass hardware on the Carly. I'm really glad I got the Bridgit!! I just want my logo snap without having to replace the bag. :sad:

    In case anyone is considering the patent wristlet or any other outlet item... I've also attached pics of the wrong wristlet that I actually got in the bag (Hampton's pink patent capacity), and my tiny little outlet accessory purchases over the weekend (no decent things at that outlet, unfortunately!).

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  2. Also thanks to sfennell14's help, I also ordered the key fob 92204. Only 7 left at JAX!!! THANK YOU for PM-ing me with the info!!!
  3. That Bridgit is TDF!!! You're so lucky! I want that purse so badly but it's so expensive. Few months ago I bought a large black leather carly and recently a tattersall tote, so I'm on a ban now.
    I'm considering getting a Bridgit if I get the next PCE card, but it sounds like it might be sold out soon. I also like the black Bridgit, so hopefully that would still be around. Congrats on your lovely purchases!
  4. Bridgit is gorgeous! lovin the color!
  5. Love the Bridgit!
    I am so sorry that they messed everything up for you. Hopefully it gets worked out quickly. :smile:
  6. Beautiful! Love your outlet purchases, too. So sorry about your boutique being difficult. I have to say that lately I think mine is also. I have found that if you tend to return things, they don't like you. Well I am sorry but if I decide I don't like something, I am going to return it! Why spend all that $$ to have a bag or accessory that sits in the closet? That is why I leave the tags on until the moment I walk about the door.
    Hopefully you will get it resolved.
  7. Congrats, everything is SOOOO pretty! :drool:
  8. Thanks guys! I hope everything is worked out soon...seems like such a simple thing to have this much red tape!! I'm still waiting on the call that was promised earlier I still don't know what they are going to do about it.

    Vani... Thank you! Yes, it is very expensive for a bag, and especially a metallic one that will probably not wear nearly as well as the corresponding cheaper leather version! But I agonized so much about not getting it earlier, I had to do it! :P At the moment, they do still have decent stock for the platinum Bridgit, I think ~60, but that number went from 80 on Sat. morning down to 60 when I called this morning. This is why I want my SA/boutique to get off their butts and resolve this. I have the strong suspicion I will have to return this bag and have them send another one.

    I was also told one time that there are other projected colors for the Bridgit, so you might see a color you like better between now and next PCE. Or there have also been some on Ebay. There is a current auction for the platinum one, but I didn't like that the seller uses stock photos (and hasn't sold much Coach). Also the listing is about as expensive at opening big as buying retail. I would rather deal with retail in this case, but I'm sure there will be other ones on Ebay in the future if you happen to miss it for PCE!

    I'm also envious of your tattersall tote!! Rather than ordering it for the last PCE, I waited to see it in person since I wasn't sure I would like it. I love it! Now I have to wait a bit and also hope the stock will be there when I'm ready to purchase!!
  9. Thanks for the heads up baglady....can't wait to see what the new colors for the Bridgit will be! I was also eyeing that new Hamptons magenta leather capacity wristlet over the weekend when I dropped by Coach. I thought it would go with my tattersall tote perfectly!!

    You'll love the tattersall tote...I get compliments all the time and it's such a beautiful tote for spring/summer. When you're ready to purchase, just make sure they give you a tote where the lines are matched up nicely on the side. I had to exchange mine (ordered thru JAX during PCE) because the lines were really off and it bugged me. With the money I spent on it, I wanted to be fully satisfied. The SA was really nice about it and she brought out about 4 totes for me to choose from and I found one that was alligned almost perfectly on both sides.
  10. I LOVE that Bridget!!! I saw the metallic leather Carly at my store today and it was really pretty! (My store never gets Legacy.) And the regular and patent wristlets were equally as beautiful!

    I hope your issues get resolved quickly. You could always just have your store order you a replacement bag but KEEP the one you currently have and then when the replacement comes, if the bag isn't perfect just transfer the logo snap to your "old" bag (I'm assuming you're talking about the logo snap that is on the ball chain with the hangtag)...
  11. what an ordeal! i hope everything turns out well. i bought the magenta leather capasity wristlet that you want today. did you see the yellow? so bright! i love spring. i love how big this wrislet is. i ended taking the leather one back (10 mins later) and getting the patent leather in blue
  12. Wow baglady, what a hassle! I was wondering if you called the 800 number yourself and asked if they would send you a free replacement logo snap, like how you can do with hangtags? I find it hard to believe that there are NO replacements at JAX. . . maybe the stores can't order them but a customer could? Just a thought - what a big pain! I seriously would not give up your whole bag though just for the snap, and plus, there are other Legacy bags with nickel, like the platinum Lily that would have the same hangtag/snap I would think. . . how could there be no replacement snaps for all of those?!?! And maybe it is temporarily out of stock, but I would think they would have to get more! GOOD LUCK!!!
  13. I'm thinking Elvis's song . . . all this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me . . . anyways . . . Bridgit is gorgeous of course! Looks like mine . . . everything works out eventually, while it tries our patience! :girlsigh:
  14. I'm so excited for you, baglady!!! I'm right behind you since it looks mine is arriving tomorrow! I can't wait!

    And so, so, sorry about your boutique hassles! ITA, sometimes your boutique experience totally changes depending on the SA. I went to the other Coach boutique to order the khaki/platinum Legacy shoulder bag and after checking my FedEx tracking notice I found out that they ordered the wrong one (khaki/white). So needless to say, I won't be ordering from that boutique much.

    I hope this crazy, messed up boutique will put things right for you and get everything sorted out w/out giving you anymore trouble.

    Well, that picture is just awesome, and I'm sure I will LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing and we'll be Bridgit buddies by this time tomorrow!! Yipee! :yahoo:
  15. The Bridget is stunning! Congrats!