Chelsea Tote At Coach Outlet..??

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  1. Hi! I have to admit, I have never purchased a Coach bag, so I have a couple of questions. I was thinking of driving to my outlet store tomorrow to see the Chelsea tote, I would like to use it as a carry all for my toddler and baby, and I love big bags! Does anyone have this bag and could give me some info? I like it in white or red. Any comments would be great! I also am interested in the Boston bag, (online only) Thanks SO much!!
  2. I know a lot of people bought that bag from the outlet I worked in. They bought it specifically as a baby bag. So it's a great choice. :smile: Personally I'm not a fan just because it's too plain for me. I'm a sucker for hardware. *L*
  3. Last time I checked, the pebbled Chelsea Totes were almost sold out. Better hurry.