Chelsea Signature Satchel

  1. I was just checking out and came across the new chelsea signature satchel, #10986.. and I think I am in :heart:!! I was wondering if any of you have ordered it, have seen it, or had any experience with it.. can it go over your shoulder, what are your thoughts on it? I love how it looks like it can fit over your shoulder but it is a handbag and I love the sig and the silver hardware!! :tup: Opinions? TIA!!
  2. Heya you know I just snapped up this beauty and I have a few more pics!

    On me, she doesn't work on my shoulder. Straps are buckled but do not adjust (SA already explained that to me so no surprises). It looks better as a crook of the arm IMO due to its width, at least on me. (I'm 5'4" btw)

    also, here's an 'open up and say ahhhh' pic, LOL. Inside lining is a greyish nylon/cotton feeling fabric.
    Coach June 004.jpg coach june 005.jpg
  3. Thanks for the pics.. beautiful bag!!! :tup:
    Very tempting......
  4. Here's a pic of it on my shoulder. It fits fine on my shoulder and is comfortable. I love it:heart:
  5. ^^ looking great! glad it works on your shoulder!
  6. Oh CRAP!!! After my Friday evening purchase of the purse spray, Ladie striped flats and Chelsea mineral wristlet (not to mention my PCE haul from last week) I really thought I was done (except I was thinking I might go back to Coach tomorrow and p/u the Ladie signature flats). I tried this bag on while I was there Friday, and thought about getting it but decided not to, but now I see it again and I'm thinking I really really like it...I think I need to be talked down!!!
  7. This is so beautiful! Does it hold quite a bit? I tried the khaki/tobacco on at the store on Friday evening, but this color is really pretty!

  8. Step away from the purse. Put your hands up where we can see them and slowly walk out of the store :roflmfao:. Really I cant say much, I like the bag too and am hoping I can wait until the end of summer or next PCE when I am off the ban.
  9. Thank you for trying!!! BUT IT"S NOT WORKING!!!!!:nogood:

  10. Had to try. It was hard. I really am more of an enabler. I :heart: Coach.
  11. doooooo it.....get it!!
  12. [​IMG] I think you just sold me on this bag.
  13. do you still have this bag and what do you think of it?