Chelsea Satchel

  1. Okay, so I picked up a gorgeous Chelsea satchel from the outlet yesterday. White, style 10134, green lining, pebbled leather. Can anyone tell me when this bag was released?? Was it fall 06?? Anyone else have this bag??? Do you love it?? Tell me, tell me. I am trying to make myself feel better about buying my third Coach in a month! Holy checking account batman!
  2. I don't have that but it must be beautiful. I didn't know it was available in white. I only saw it in black, brown or metallic. Post pictures please.
  3. I have the Mahogany Chelsea Satchel pebbled leather w/lilac lining. It was released early fall 2006. The serial patch usually indicates the year made E063-10134. I really enjoy mine, goes well with my winter browns. It's subtley classy, the size is substantial and holds my necessities plus winter gloves, glasses. It's not a bag I worry about getting dirty or ruining. I haven't seen it in white, but I like them all including nubuc's, but not the sig's (too many fakes!). The bottom line is, do you really like? is it useful to you?
  4. I do really like it. I think it will round out my collection as I have been looking for a satchel AND a white handbag. I have a brown signature flap, a black legacy shoulder bag, and an 06 medium patchwork tote. So you can see there was a whole in the collection. They had the lonely white one and a few suede ones with gorgeous metal studded handles (but I couldn't keep suede clean). Why has no one seen it in the white??? Strange. I will take a pic when my three year old stops pulling on my arm and begging me to play the computer tractor game.
  5. Congrats that is a beautiful bag!
  6. I have it in the bluish/purplish (sorry, the color is really unique and hard to describe) nubuc suede version and absolutely adore it. The size is terrific and I get lots of compliments every time I use it. Congrats - you will love it!

    Here's a picture of mine.
  7. graberg.. my goodness, it is gorgeousss.....
  8. Thank you! I really love the color and the nubuc doesn't seem to attract dirt as much as the usual suede. The whole Chelsea line is really great.
  9. graberg - they also had that purse there! I wish the added the studs to the white purse too - they are so cute.

    entheos - do you find it to be heavy???

  10. I like this too! Congratulations! I saw all the colors except white at my Coach boutique, never saw it in the catalog or online. I do believe some Coach bags are under the radar. It has some weight to it empty, but it makes me think it's more substantial. Some lightweight leathers ($300 ish) make me say "where's the leather?" What color is the stitching? The Mahogany has a Lilac stitch. It' another subtle color use I like about Coach.
  11. Coach calls this Lavender. I had this one too, but sold it. It is gorgeous! the color, the feel of nubuc ahh! I live in the country and was afraid to use it! :crybaby:
  12. I wonder why some bags are not available in all colors in all stores including online? It seems strange and also a little annoying that some have more choices than others just because of where they shop. I've been in situations where I wanted a certain bag in a certain color only to be told it was not made then later find out someone else purchased one exactly like I was hoping for. Why :confused1: ?

    P.S. Your bag in white is fab!
  13. The stitching is green to match the lining (dark kelly green).
  14. gosh. im going to have to visit the outlet again,soon.

    i been wanting a chelsea for a while,i wonder what other colors are out there ?
  15. When I was there they had the one white, a couple of the lavendar ones, and several brown suede. They were all clearanced and an extra 20% off. The suede ones came with the suede brush cleaner and the others had just dust bags and care cards inside.