Chelsea Satchel: which is your favorite?

  1. I have decided to sell my old (but like new) coach leather carryall on eBay to help fund for a coach chelsea satchel however I can't decide which one I like best. Please help!
  2. Please post pics of the ones you like!!!! I LOVE the chelsea....the black/white is MY personal favorite (cough cough!!!!) :graucho:
  3. if you are looking for fabric, I like the one in your avatar, in either the brown or black!!! :tup:
    I actually bought that same one on your avatar but decided as much as I loved it I am not a satchel girl.. BUT it was a GREAT bag.. I love it!!! :yes:
  4. I tried to do a poll but it didn't work! :shrugs:

    Here are the ones that I am thinking of. I normally don't do the signature but I like it on the Chelsea. I really like this bag because you can wear on the shoulder, your arm or hand! This will make a great work bag and weekend bag!
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  5. Oooh, I like both the Signature ones. So I would say go for the one that would match more of your clothes. I have an equal amount of clothes that go with black bags and brown bags, so I'd be no help. *lol*
  6. My vote is for the brown leather with black trim.
  7. My vote is for the black/white signature, b/c I HAVE it in the hobo style Chelsea and LOVE it!!!! It goes w/ ANYTHING you wear and is a year round color! Keep us posted as to which you choose!!!!
  8. Have you considered the Chelsea laced Leather satchel?

  9. I like the leather one in Brown/black.
  10. I like the black and white alot, it looks great in person.
  11. Well, i'm very biased on the b&w sig but I would get whatever works best with your wardrobe. It IS a great bag. Make sure you try it on your shoulder to see if it works for you with or without a coat. Mine does not hit right on my body when on my shoulder. But that's OK b/c I love it in the crook of my arm...
  12. Brown leather w/black trim! I love that bag!
  13. I like the brown sig. best.
  14. ^ I just got one last week and I have to say... I am SO in love with it. I HIGHLY recommend it. I had some reservations about it being too trendy to stay in style, and the sheer heaviness of it but the leather was so luxurious and it gave me such a durable feeling that I gave in and bought it. The beautiful satiny mineral colored lining suckered me in. It was heavy at first but I've gotten used to it. No regrets whatsoever and it was worth every penny!

    I really like the leather satchels. Have you looked the the vintage leather satchel in mineral? Here's the link
    It's beautiful! Either way, you can't go wrong with any of your choices!
  15. Hi everyone! Thx so much for replying. Everyone is always so helpful and nice! I decided to get the blk white signature satchel. This is going to be my first color signature in a long time so I really hope I love it. The few times Ilve gotten the sig pattern, it's been in blk only. But I deccided to shake things up a bit! Also I had to return my Mandy bag back to the warehousw bc it came damaged. I had asked for a replacement Mandy but I called today and told them to send the Chelsea instead! I love the Mandy but who am I kidding - that big is ridiculously heavy for me. (I've had issues with my neck and back)! So with the Chelsea I saved my back and some money! I'll let you know when I receive it. Thx again!