Chelsea patchwork from Summer

  1. Does anyone have the Chelsea patchwork from the summer? It has all different shades of brown in it with some suede pieces mixed in.

    Would anyone recommend it?? I have the Chelsea optic signature and LOOOVE it. But the bag is around 9 1/2 X 9 1/2. The other bag is 10 X 12 (roughly according to eBay). Would it be too big?

    No, I don't really need another bag but I love to drool...
  2. hi,
    I dont actually have that bag, but I say if YOU love it go for it. There isnt alot of fans here of the new patchwork gallery tote. Didnt even think I was either until walking into Coach and falling in total love with it!! I made it mine. Did I need another bag, heck no! LOL!
  3. I have the satchel in the Chelsea patchwork. It's a beautiful bag but the lighter pieces get dirty VERY quickly. I've used it probably a dozen times (rotation you know LOL) and am already seeing them darkening.