chelsea owners i need ur expertise

  1. is it difficult or annoying to open and close the turnlock. do u need to hold the bag flaps together to close it?
  2. I just got a Chelsea satchel and that was my concern when I was buying/deciding whether or not to get it. The SA said it really depends on the perosn because he has heard both praises and complaints about it.
    This was my first turnlock closure bag and I was worried because I'm the type of person who would get annoyed if a bag was difficult to get in and out of. So far... (I've had the bag for a week) I have had no problems/complaints with it. Sometimes I don't lock it sometimes I do. It varies I guess depending on how stuffed the bag is. Sometimes I can close it with on hand just by pushing one flap down on the other while other times I have to push the bottom flap up for both flaps to meet (usually when the bag is quite empty). I hope this helps somewhat. Basically, if a bags hard to get in and out with I'm the type where it would bother me yet for the chelsea I'm fine with it. I'm actually really happy with my bag and I suggest you give it a try.

    The carly was one bag that i loved but the difficulty of getting in and out of it bothered me to the point where I returned it. It was slouchy and though the leather was soft to the touch it was also quite stiff so I had a hard time zipping and unzipping it while it was on my shoulder.
  3. I love my b&w sig chelsea satchel. However, I admit it's not the easiest to close. Example: when I arrive at work I have my chelsea in the crook of my arm, a bottle of water and my Filofax for my other arm. I get out of my car and still need to lock my car with the little remote on my keys, then put the keys in my bag and walk up to the office. But it's hard to get the chelsea flaps together one handed when it's already on the crook of your arm.

    Nevertheless, I love this bag so much I put up with that quirkiness, LOL!!
  4. I just got a chelsea signature hobo and I LOVE it!!! The turnlock doesn't bother me one bit.. in a lot of ways I think it's easier than a zipper.. I can usually do it one handed... try it out in the store first, I think you will be suprirsed, I know I was, because that was one of my biggest concerns. Good Luck! :tup:
  5. I have the patchwork satchel. It's a PITA to close because it's so soft and slouches in the middle. The Chelseas with "stifffer" material like the signature and regular leather are probably a lot easier, or styles that are taller than they are long/wide. The closure type is growing on me.
  6. I LOVE THIS BAG! My hubby surprised me w/ the medium hobo and I can honestly say the turnlock is MUCH easier than a zipper!!! I can open and close my bag ONE handed, which is VERY important to me when I have my kids w/me in a crowded store!!!! You do not have to hold the flaps together to close it at fact, I just "flip them" and they close automatically on their own, and then I reach over and lock the turnlock!!!! Such an ADORABLE bag, VERY comfortable to wear on your shoulder, and soooooooooooo functional!!!! I TOTALLY recommend this bag to you! PLEASE keep us posted on your decision! Good luck!!!! :tup: