Chelsea or Special Order Damier Cabas Mezzo?

  1. Hi. Which would you choose......? Chelsea or Mezzo in Damier? It would be for everyday... and some travel ..... I prefer Damier in the winter and for travel and less maintenance. I was going to get the Chelsea until I found the Mezzo.
    Help! I can't decide:shrugs:. Which one??????
  2. I like the Mezzo in Damier :]
  3. I also like the mezzo :smile:
  4. I like the plaque on the chelsea but i like the look of the mezzo.
  5. My choice is the chelsea-because I have it!
    I do lke the mezzo-but definitely prefer the chelsea. No maintainence and love the brown leather wrapped around the bag. I 've had mine for two years and she looks brand new-even after a few airport trips and love the red interior.
    I honestly have only seen one in person and love that it it 'limited'
  6. I would go for the Chelsea as well...
  7. mezzo
  8. I'm debating this exact question and am leaning towards the mezzo, but the Chelsea's so beautiful, too. I think the Chelsea would be better b/c you wouldn't have to wait as long for it but the mezzo has exclusivity, in that it's an SO.
  9. LOVE the SO mezzo!!
  10. Are you looking at the one on eBay? I was thinking about SO'ing a Damier Mezzo for a while...but then I got the Chelsea! I LOVE the long straps! It's so comfortable, and it easily fits over a winter coat!
  11. SO Damier Mezzo!
  12. Damier Cabas Mezzo but a good alternative could be the Damier Hampstead MM or GM.
  13. I like the look of the chelsea - a more horizontal shape suits the damier checks more imo.
  14. I have and love the Chelsea - easy to wear and stylish, and rather special as I hardly ever see another one!
  15. My vote goes to the Chelsea because I have one and I love it. Very sturdy. Great, long shoulder straps, beautiful, roomy interior. Makes a great travel bag!