Chelsea or Passy

  1. Hi , if you can only have one bag, which one to keep? Damier chelsea or EPI passy GM?:love:
  2. Tough choice !! It'd depend on the colour of the Passy (I'd like a black one).. I could image it getting very heavy though, so maybe the Chelsea. But they're both fab looking bags !
  3. My passy GM:love: is black.
  4. Which one are you thinking of keeping ? (if you have both)
  5. I love EPI, but chelsea has zip closure which is a plus for me:smile: But again, PASSY has the zip middle compartment..ugh...
  6. Passy!! I just saw it in person for the first time last night. It's beautiful!! I didnt' take a close look at it but, it says on eluxury that is has 2 compartments that are seperated by a zippered compartment along with a cell pccket and another pocket. I think it would be nice to have different compartments instead of just one big cavity. (I'm guessing that's the way the Chelsea is)
  7. passy, love it! :love:
  8. Wow - that's a tough choice because the bags are so different. The Chelsea is a great versatile bag - very casual though. The passy is more elegant and less "tote-like". Depends I guess more on your style. I would go with the Chelsea although obviously with either one you can't go wrong.
  9. hey, I liek your point. Passy is little bit too 'dressy' for me in some way. I wear jeans all the time, so maybe Chelsea is a better choice?:weird:
  10. Passy
  11. I just got a Chelsea and :love: it! Sorry, but I'm pushing for the Chelsea!:biggrin:
  12. passy:love:
  13. Yay for you. I just made decision of choosing Chelsea cause it is more versatile and Passy is just little bit too dressy for me.;) Plus the style of passy I have already had the Chanel grand shopping tote. So I will pass Passy,

    Thanks gals!
  14. Congratulations! It's a wonderful bag, don't you think? Not only is it spacious, but the shape is beautiful for a tote. It has curves or something - on the sides:smile: Also, love the chocolate leather bottom!
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