Chelsea Optic Signature Satchel

  1. I have been aching for this bag in khaki for what seems like years. I went online today for my "daily drool" and that color is gone!

    Is this temporary or am I SOL?

  2. If you want to buy one, I think you should call Customer Service as soon as possible to see if they can locate one for you. It might come back online, but I'm thinking that it won't because I don't think that bag is part of any kind of permanent collection.
  3. I agree with northernbelle. Also, usually if something is going to be "restocked" on the website theres usually writing in red that reads something like, "khaki/white not available until 4/16 etc. .".
  4. FYI, I just called and was told it was seasonal and they are not expecting any more shipments! :crybaby:
  5. ^ I hate when they say that b/c sometimes they show up at outlets. I mean how do they go from being sold out to fully stocked at some outlets (unless it's made for outlets). That might not be the case though...I would check ebay & did you ask Coach if they could track one down for you?
  6. Thats the worst thing about waiting...I missed out on the indigo patchwork satchel waiting for my 25% off coupon to show...they had sold out earlier that week!!!

    (although one of the SA's at the Towson store told me last week that sometimes Coach PULLS certain bags right before the coupons go out because they don't want you to be able to use it on a given bag - so maybe its not really gone and we're getting our coupons soon????? Can you tell I'm an optimist?)