Chelsea Optic Hobo..Anyone know all the colors?

  1. My sister is wanting the Chelsea Optic Hobo that they just took off of She wants the one that is a black background with brown/tan C's on it. I called coach and they said they have silver/black and silver/chocolate. Would the silver/chocolate be that one or would it be black? I am thinking maybe the black because the chocolate is probably brown with brown/tan C's. I know on eBay I have seen a black though that has silver and black and grey C's on it. Anyone know more about the colors on these?
  2. Hmm I know there was a black with silver and there were 2 different browns.. a dark brown with darker c's and a more tan or cream one with lighter c's. If you look on eBay you can see all three. Good Luck! :tup:
  3. I am talking about this one. Is this black or brown. Maybe it IS brown and we just think is is black? Were there only the 3 colors then? Black, Tan, and Brown?
  4. That's brown. It's very dark, but definately brown. The black had silver c's. :yes:
  5. OK thank you!! It does look black in the photo. I still like it though, but I'm glad I found that out so I can let her know that it is really brown and she isn't disappointed when it arrives. I love TPF. You ladies are the best!!!
  6. Was there a blue also? I saw a blue one on eBay or is that a fake?
  7. There was blue, black, light brown and chocolate brown.
  8. yes, there was also a blue one. :yes:
  9. Yes, that is brown. :yes:
  10. that color is definately's more of a chocolate brown in person