Chelsea Nubuk Poll- Please Help

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  1. I really only want to keep one, but I just can't decide. Which one would you chose, red or chestnut? Thanks!

  2. Here's how they look on
  3. boy, that is a hard one because they are both beautiful but I think I would pick the red, I love red bags.
  4. Wow that is really hard! They both look great on you. I personally think I would choose the chestnut, but that is because I love it with the black trim. I am not a girl who loves red with black trim. It also looks more elegant to me.
  5. Gosh, they're both so pretty! But if you held my feet to the fire and made me pick one, I'd choose the chesnut. Especially since you already have your pretty red Stanwich satchel. :smile:
  6. That's true! I forgot that you have that one already! I also like how the nubuk looks with the chestnut.
  7. Thanks for the help and the nice compliments GFs. That's why I initially didn't get the red because i have the Stanwich, but out of remorse I went back and got the red. I had a mixed poll at home. My DS's picked red and my good friend picked chestnut. I didn't dare ask DH. lol. Practicality tells me chestnut, but the red is just so pretty it's hard to let it go. I'm taking both of them for a ride to the outlet today. We'll see if I actually let one of them go. :smile: It might depend on if I find something there I really love.
  8. I like the red even if you already have the Stanwich. I love the look of suede leather in red but I prefer chestnut in a smooth leather.
  9. Do you have any other suede bags in either color? I have had a red one that I have had for years and I just love that bag, not sure I would love it as much years down the road if it wasn't red.

  10. These are my only two. Thanks for your input. I'm almost at the outlet. Soon will be the moment I've been dreading :sad: decision time

  11. Thanks DD :smile: the red is so rich and pretty.
  12. If it were me... , I would keep the red, even though I have the red Stanwich. They are 2 TOTALLY different looks. The red Stanwich is a bit dressy but you can pull off a casual look with it as well and the Red Nubuk is more casual. So though you have 2 red bags, they give off 2 different looks.

    Easy decision for me. :smile: RED!!!
  13. Thanks for all of your input everyone. I appreciate your taking the time to help me, as I was really struggling with this decision. So you all know I went to the outlet with the two bags in tow hoping I'd come to a decision while I was there. is who came home with me.




    It's the large nylon pocket satchel in black/black. I looked around for about an hour.0, and man was this place busy!! I was looking at everything but the nylon because I didn't really think I'd be interested. However when I picked this bag up, she was perfect. The gold accents just pop against the black and I love the rich black leather trimmings. Its very lightweight and lays so nicely crossbody, but still looks ladylike when carried by the handles.

    But the best part is this! Look at this gorgeous pop of hot pink! I'm in love! I'm going to have to leave her unzipped all the time!


    And this!


    I just love this bag! Yoo Hoo Pecan, Laurie, and Denise-- I'm part of the nylon club now! :smile: Thanks for all your reviews on how great these nylon Dooney's are :smile:
  14. Woohoo! Congrats! I'm glad you got to keep both of the bags you like. And I love the pink on the inside of the nylon!
  15. Oh So Beautiful!!!... I felt the same way about Nylon at first. I was VERY if'y because I thought they weren't my style and would look cheap but to my surprise!!!! I love the Nylon, especially the beautiful pops of color inside. AND GIRL... That price!!!!! Even better. I love it! Enjoy your bag!

    On the same note... YouTube does it to me every time. I got my green Nylon Smith, then Laurie got one, then Denise got one, then Laurie got one again, now I want another. Sighing!!! LOL